Forum Guidelines

1. No spamming. There will be no toleration of spam, no exceptions. If you have a guild site you'd like to advertise, or even your own website then having a single link in your signature is acceptable. But any spam posts, or threads will lead to an automatic suspension. And if a user is blatant, a ban will be used.

2. Show Respect. If you're posting in these forums, then more than likely you're passionate about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Emotions can run high, but maintain respect for others.

3. Try to post in the right category. GuildWars2Forum is set up to maximize efficiency. To help keep the forums organized, be sure you're posting in the correct location. The mods and admins will move posts, but if a user keeps posting in the wrong section then a warning will be issued, and eventually a suspension.

4. GuildWars2Forum allows the posting of YouTube videos. However, only 2 videos are allowed in a thread page at a single time. This keeps various pages from loading at a crawl. Special circumstances can be approved by an admin or mod. But before posting more than 2 videos on a page, receive permission.