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Thread: Dynamic Events...what am i missing?

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    Dynamic Events...what am i missing?

    Hey all,

    I got a friend who got the game at the same time as me, and although he had 4 days head start on me cause i got double shifts at work during the head start (typical) we couldnt level together, he said to me "its soooo easy and fast".

    I just dont see the speed, what am i missing? i hardly ever see dynamic events, i got to hearts complete them get like 500xp and then i dont see a dynamic event in an area for like 20 minutes, i teleport around waypoints, go to areas where there could be one, or where i have seen one before and same thing, it could take 20mins + to actuall see a dynamic event. Even then i have to be almost on top of it to actualy see the event on my map.

    he hit level 20 in literally a few hours...ive just managed to scrape level 12 in about 6 or 7....what am i not getting?

    Ive taken all my gathering tools and am gathering everything i see, ive got boosters on and im exploring all the points for zone completions.....

    Could i really just be in the wrong place @ the wrong time?.....everytime?

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    Only part of the dynamic events are timed and will happen automatically. Another part of the dynamic events are triggered by player actions (things like talking to a specific npc and offering your help, or picking up a specific boulder, etc). If you're running in a group where one person is triggering the dynamic events, then you won't have a problem (plus, you get more xp for participating in dynamic events in groups). But if you're just sitting around waiting for them to happen, then you will probably only see half of the events. And note that most of these npc's are not marked in any way... they don't have an exclamation mark or heart or whatever over their head. You just need to find them the hard way. They always do have some dialogue that goes beyond the usual 'greet' option, though. So don't be afraid to explore and talk to npc's.

    Another piece of advice: don't feel obliged to stay in your own race's starter zone. Explore the cities and the starter zones of the other races as well (from your own race's city, take the Asura portal to Lion's Arch, from there you can take a portal to any other racial city). There is a huge amount of content, and there are loads of dynamic events happening all throughout the game (and quite a few more just waiting to be discovered).

    On a side note: don't know why your friend didn't want to team up with you... even when he's playing together with you in your zone (and is scaled down to your zone's level), he will still gain xp and rewards appropriate for his own level.

    And lastly: don't focus too heavily on leveling. Just try to enjoy doing the things you're doing, find the kinds of content that you like, and just have fun. I've been playing the game since headstart as well, I'm taking my time, enjoying all the zones, and discovering everything that's going on there. I have just passed level 50, while some of my guild mates have been 80 for over a week now.

    [Edit] also: when a dynamic event is completed, hang around and watch the npc's. Often some npc's will start a conversation and then head off somewhere. If that happens, follow them and stick with them... it's almost guaranteed to lead to the start of another dynamic event.
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    The above advice is obviously top class..however there are lots of people playing lower Level alts now..myself included..and i already know what to look out for..the odd npc sticks out and i am finding the progression (and number of dynamic events) a lot slower than with my main.
    Im not in a hurry to level my alts but it is quite noticable that there are fewer events taking place...maybe people aren't quite as inquisitive as at Launch and running from the scene of the crime to quickly..idk.

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    ... i teleport around waypoints...
    I understand the thinking when you are doing this, but really its harming you. Dynamic events can happen on the roads, in and around towns...or in the middle of a swamp. You need to be willing to explore and find the hidden places of Tyria to get some of the dynamic events. Also: Get gathering tools and gather everything. Even if you don't want to craft (easy exp too) you can sell it for some extra gold income.

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