Hey there, after the recent COF buff, alot of people are looking for other dungeons to run for cool armor and legendary weapon components. I have being running Twilight Arbor with a couple of my friends for quite a bit and I thought I would share some of my experiences farming/running this L55 explorable dungeon.

General things to keep in mind
  • This dungeon has very little waypoints, you won’t unlock the second waypoint until you kill the 3rd boss. It is a very long run back if you die
  • Condition removers are a must here if you have them, alot of things here (i.e. blossoms) stack poison or confusion so getting them removed here will make your life eaiser
  • Volatile Blossoms are your friend- if you get downed and there is one nearby, hit it for instant rally

Path Selection
You can pick paths after you defeated the Greater Nightmare Vine (shared boss for all 3 paths). One path is a bit overtuned while the two others are similar in difficulty
  • Up (some nasty spider trash but the bosses are fairly easy, especially last boss – 25-30 mins)
  • Forward/Forward (Highly difficult path, nasty trash that does knockdown and bosses are difficult, 1-2 hrs)
  • Forward/Up (Trash a bit easy but the bosses are slightly difficult, 30-35 mins)

Token Farming
You get 30 tokens for the first time you run each path per day (daily reset at 5 PM PST) so it advisable to run path 1 and 3 (Up and Forward/Up) everyday so you get 60 tokens. Running the same path before the daily reset will only reward you with 20 tokens.

Specific boss strats (w/videos)

Path 1
Path 2
Path 3