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Thread: So about my traits!?!?!?

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    So about my traits!?!?!?

    I usually keep all my traits even and right now there all at about 10. So Im curious, instead of having them all about even should I have one specific one maybe at like 15 while my other trait only be on 5. Let me know if this really matters or not.


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    Umm, what class and what level are you?

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    Good question, I forgot to add that info. I am a char warrior level 60

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    it depends on how and what you want to do. Do you pve or pvp more? Do you like using a shield and sword or a greatsword? You have to put all these into perspective when spending your traits.
    There is a good bit of information and builds out now on the web to help you if need be. Each attribute can be affected by spending your traits different ways so keep that in mind when spending them, really though it is all about how YOU want to play and enjoy the game.

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    depends on what you want to do as warrior, my advice is power, but there are several builds around there focusing on what weapon you are using and then the traits change.

    Check this link
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    So I mainly pve but I plan on maybe doing some pvp once in a while. I dont use a shield I would rather use a greatsword

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