Since I don't want to keep switching between farming equipment and traits and a dungeon set up I want to verify with the community before actually putting my build together after buying a GM book. Now, traditionally finding a dungeon group is an uphill battle for high single target burst damage classes unless playing with friends, but since this game has no holy trinity I figure I can mitigate some of the squishiness. I'll even show my logic for the build I'm thinking of to show you where I'm coming from and point of flaws so I can adjust accordingly:

1. High burst damage is great vs. opponents with relatively small HP pools, making them ideal for farming and PvP.

2. However, dungeon bosses and even much of the trash has high HP pools and deals high enough damage to one or two shot you, and these attacks can be spammed faster than your energy regen, as even their spammable hits hard.

3. Dying, being something that should be avoided, has its chances greatly reduced with higher HP and defense.

4. Burst also isn't as useful due to its sporadic, unpredictable nature. Sustained is the best policy vs. these mobs.

Following that logic, I will put:

25 points into deadly arts
30 points into acrobatics
15 points into shadow arts.

I'll swap out utilities as the situation demands. Can't really caltrop if you're facing a pack of mobs with cripple immunity afterall =) So maybe blinding powder (I use this for Grenth only right now, but on my server it's currently bugged) and smokescreen (WvW and champ DE's are good with this) for certain situations? Unless I'm farming trash mob events I always have shadow refuge binded, it's just too important.

As for my set I'll have some knights with some berzerker pieces to make up for the toughness deficit while still doing enough damage.