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Thread: Here, There, Everywhere: ridiculous Asura personal quest

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    Here, There, Everywhere: ridiculous Asura personal quest

    The boss fight in this event is against an Inquest agent called Teyo. She spams fireballs alternating with teleportation spells without warning. The latter seem to have no AoE circle to warn you and insta-transfer you to the bottom of the room. She is standing on a tower above you with one or two Power Generators that you need to destroy. She is unreachable for melee combat. There are four narrow ramps that lead up tot he tower but attempting to climb them gets you zapped back down

    This was really painful , both my NPC allies were downed immediately and reviving them was impossible becuse of the spamming.

    The quest is likely bugged. I died once and chose to retry from the checkpoint, which is well outside this chamber. I left my character standing at the checkpoint to get a glass of water, and after a minute the TP spell got him and he was teleported inside the chamber and had to start fighting.

    Really cheap, nearly broken quest. I was seriously concerned it was glitched to the point of being undoable, and only managed to somehow complete it by running around in circles underneath her with a ranged weapon and spamming everything I had until the power generators were destroyed twice. (she seems to rebuild them after the first time). At this point my allies somehow revived and we were able to surround Teyo and finish her off.
    The way the game instantly moves to the cut scene the moment the boss dies makes it feel even cheaper.

    It wasn't much fun at all. If the College of Synergetics quest line carries on in this manner with cheap puzzle bosses I may have to give up on it... I'm trying to do quests at the recommended level and not later , because the rewards are meaningful then.
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