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Thread: Low Level Fractals with Only 3 Players?

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    Low Level Fractals with Only 3 Players?

    Is it possible to complete Fractals on a low level with only 3 players?

    I play primarily with 2 coworkers during lunch. We leveled to 80 doing general PvE and didn't have any trouble with anything we encountered in the open world.

    We tried running a level 1 Fractal yesterday with just the 3 of us and got about halfway through before giving up. We don't like to leave other players hanging when we have to leave, and our time is limited, so we prefer to not to party up with other players. Is this something that we could consider working at and achieving, or do you absolutely need 5 people even at level 1? I know we'll never advance very far, but that's ok. Just being able to complete level 1 would be enough for us.

    If it is possible, do you have any suggestions for making the transition from open world to the Fractals? Our party is a warrior, ranger, and elementalist or guardian, if that makes any difference.


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    I would say if you are familar with the fractals some can be done with less than 5 players, just as some dungeons can be. HOWEVER, there are some fractals that you need all 5 of you to do and also keep in mind doing with less than 5 people does not make it easier only harder since they are all designed for 5 people.

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    Thanks for the answer. We'll probably stick to the open world for now.

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