In games that allow gold to be purchased for real money, bots are everywhere and the economy quickly dies. How is GW2 any different? They are adding a sub step where you buy gems instead of gold, but gold can be traded for gems...and vice verse, so isn't that the same thing? Bots farm gold, and buy gems, which players purchase with real money? Bots get real money.

Also, GW2 said they don't think a player who spends money should have an unfair advantage over one that spends time. But, whats stopping me from just buying the best gear from other players instead of earning/searching for it? How is this not an unfair advantage?

I hope I missed something, but if not then in my opinion, real money for gems/gold should not exist. You can spin it how you want but a player who spends a crap ton of money in the game to get all the best stuff, then goes around PvPing certainly seems to have an advantage over anyone spending time.