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Thread: 1,000 Members - We Did It!

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    1,000 Members - We Did It!

    I think I could post this Queen video, and it would be enough...

    Beyond We Are The Champions, I just wanted to thank everyone who has signed up and become part of the website.

    The community continues to grow, and the quantity/quality of members continues to increase.

    The 1,000th member is acadiancrusader. We hope this is a real live person, and not a spam bot. If so, take a bow.

    And here's your gold star, and cookie.

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    /eats cookie

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    Quote Originally Posted by acadiancrusader View Post
    /eats cookie
    I think that indicates that this is not a spambot, or if it is it is avery smart one
    (also welcome)

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    congrats on the first 1000. What's the next target?

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    hmm, tough to say. The next mark has to be enormous. 5,000 probably.

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    Ooo that cookie looks delicious, will you come to my house and bake me some?

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    2,000 Members!

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    Nice. Unfortunately, that includes all the spam accounts that were created and banned. Still, I hope that eventually (when GW2 is released?) even half of the non-spam accounts turn in active, contributing members

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    Hmm, why do people bother with spamming accounts? I've seen so many on this forum and I don't get it.

    There must be, what, 5 different people who see their messages before they're removed? Less? In any case, it's hard to imagine someone stupid enough to buy things from suspicious looking sites advertised illegally on forums. I suppose we all better take the time to check whether we have won $1,000,000 for being the 1,000,000 visitor to a site as well.

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