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Thread: New Ranks and Promotions For the Forum

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    New Ranks and Promotions For the Forum

    Alright guys, we have a new feature on the site. I was looking around at posts and threads, and saw the boring 'junior member' and 'administrator' titles. This is a Guild Wars 2 site after all isn't it? So, shouldn't our titles reflect the game?

    Here's a (work in progress) list of titles which can be earned throughout your stay here on GuildWars2Forum. Don't work too hard for them, but being involved with the community never hurts!

    In the foreseeable future, there will be small image (trophies) to go along with these titles.

    Have fun!



    Here is where all new Guild Wars players start. And it's the rank you start with at The more experience..err..posts you make the closer you get to getting out of Pre-Searing. And into the 'real' world.

    Rurik's Stableboy - 100 posts -

    Prince Rurik, the valiant hero of Guild Wars Prophecies is one of the most well known characters in the history of the game. At 100 posts, you're lucky enough to be his stable boy.

    Fetid Carapace - 200 posts -

    Everyone who's started out in post searing Ascalon, has undoubtedly ran into Carapaces. They drop from Devourers, with the most common early on being the 'Fetid Carapace'.

    Axe Fiend - 300 posts -

    The Charr have some of the most character types of any mob in the game. One of the first types you'll run into in post searing are Axe Fiends. You're still a noob, but are moving up in the world.

    Cataclysm Survivor - 400 posts -

    Orr is a nation in Guild Wars which was destroyed by Vizier Khilbron when he tried to save Orr by driving the Charr out. It was said no one survived the Cataclysm, but somehow you made it.

    Sever Artery - Gash - 500 posts -

    If you play a sword wielding warrior, then you no doubt have sever artery - gash in your skill bar. If you don't, then you're not playing your sword warrior right.

    Asura Blasting Rod
    - 600 posts -

    This mysterious weapon is used by the Asura, and will hopefully be available in the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2. It just sounds like it will do some massive damage.

    Sylvari Born - 700 posts -

    One of the announced races in Guild Wars 2 are the Sylvari. The race is only a few hundred years old, and were born from a tree in Arbor Bay. They believe to be born to hunt dragons. Does it get any cooler than that?

    Nightfall - 800 posts -

    The simple name for the second Guild Wars expansion. Nightfall is an evil event which shadows Elona. The whole thing is set up by a renegrade god. So you're moving up in the world.

    Canthan Fortune Teller - 900 posts -

    Trickery, and some crafty fortune telling set up the events in Guild Wars: Factions. A simple fortune teller led Shiro to try and kill the emperor, which sparked a death that began the story of Factions. Crafty...crafty.

    The Shatterer
    - 1,000 posts -

    The 1k post count is something special, and what could be greater than the massive undead dragon which was shown off at gamescom and PAX? The Shatterer is a worthy title to have.

    For Great Justice! - 1,200 posts -

    Perhaps one of the greatest skill names in the Guild Wars library, 'For Great Justice' couples its name with a useful condition. It provides a 100% increase in adrenaline whenever you gain it. The skill is so awesome, it had to be nerfed a bit for PvP.

    In Guild Wars 2, it provides a dual buff, providing a 3 sec Fury and 5 sec Might increase. It's a shout, with a range of 1,200, so the buff is provided to both you and allies.!%22

    Fevered Dreams - 1,400 posts

    Continuing with the awesome skill theme, Fevered Dreams again has a cool name and spell effect. This elite Mesmer spell will take the conditions applied to a foe and spread it to their allies. Not only that, but it applies a dazed effect if there are two or more conditions on the foe. Oh, the dazed condition spreads as well.

    The Mad King
    - 1,600 posts

    Trick-or-treat! With Mad King Thorn, a special Hallows Eve guest in Guild Wars it all depends on the player's actions whether a trick or treat is given out.

    A pumpkin head with bad ass armor, who loves to throw out festival hats -- awesome!

    By the Bear! - 1,800 posts

    One of the funny additions in Guild Wars: Eye of the North is that as you progress in rank with various races (Asura, Norn) certain bits of dialogue will open up. The best of these pieces of dialogue comes from the Norn rank 10 - 'By the Bear!'.

    Defender of Ascalon - 2,000 posts

    Quite possibly one of the most difficult and meticulous titles to earn in the entire Guild Wars game. This title is achieved by obtaining level 20 in pre-searing Ascalon. Considering the highest level mobs in the area are lvl 10 Charr Shamans, you're in for a long haul making it to level 20.

    Why'd you have to hurt em' Arenanet?

    If you've made it to this level on GuildWars2Forum, then you rightly deserve this sought after title. It's just a shame it isn't applied in-game
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    wow Sounds cool, and as for Defender of Ascalon that Sounds Really hard lol (:

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    I have heard tricks on how to get the pre-searing lvl 20, but no matter how you slice it, there's a lot of time to be put in to do it. Mainly, you kill all you can to raise up, and then do the missions for XP towards the end when getting XP from mobs is nearly useless. Does freak some ppl out to see you waltzing around at such a high lvl though The worse part is getting someone else in pre-searing to open the gate for you so you can solo the Charr mobs... those were the days.
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    I demand a custom title since all I get is boring "Super Moderator." >:{

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    ^^^ is right, give uber Funny Title (: lol

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    On my AoC guild's Web site my title is "Charity Case." :B

    I'd have to think of something GW related for this forum though, heh.

    EDIT: Aggressive Ooze has kind of a nice ring to it.
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    || Art by Melo-san of Gaia Online ||
    || GW2 ID: Ruse Torrent | Elementalist of Acolytes [Aco], a WvW guild ||
    || Woe to the conquered, all glory to the Acolytes. Rise. Fall. Rise again. ||

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    Okay this just rocks. Legendary idea! You win the interwebz

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    can i get the title "King Bookuh!" (not bookah like the asura slang)
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    New images have been added for the Asura Blasting Rod and Sylvari Born ranks, as I noticed a couple of people are sneaking up to those. I should be adding a bit more more frequently.

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    I would love one of those. How about some cool images for us hardworking mods as well?

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